Game Plan: Rest, Reboot & A day at the spa

It’s been over five years since I began my journey to live a healthful and happy life. I follow a plant-based lifestyle, I’m gluten and refined sugar free and at home, I’m vegan. Despite all these healthy life choices, which I absolutely love and usually make me feel my best, I still managed to occasionally feel stressed, run-down, a little flat and even get sick during flu season.  I wanted to try figure out how to give my body that extra boost it clearly needed so I decided that it was time for me to do a cleanse.

After trying a few different cleanses which didn’t really work for me as well as I had hoped, I decided to give the Mungday Cleanse by Happy Earth People a go. At first I only noticed a slight difference in how I felt, until I tried it again in a way that worked with my eating habits and on-the-go lifestyle. Since then, I have been cleansing on an ongoing basis and even took the Mungday Cleanse along with me while away in London.

To get the most out of this cleanse, I recommend having a set pre and post cleanse day game plan – this has notably had the greatest and most positive long-term effects on my health. Even though I still get stressed at times, I no longer feel run-down and have managed to pull through flu season unscathed. I am more energised than ever and I feel light and bright without having had to add any supplements to my diet. For me, a Mungday Cleanse is like a day at a health spa: it’s fun, delicious, engaging and effective as opposed to a not-so-fun, short-term health fix (which so many cleanses tend to feel like).

It’s become more than just a product or a one-day reset, it’s the catalyst for a change in mindset and a fundamental part of how I clean and heal my digestive tract.

How do I get the most out of my Mungday Cleanse?

By simply being organised and prepared. That’s all it takes. This may sound basic and that’s only because it is! By meal prepping and stocking up the fridge with my favourite cleanse essentials, meals and treats, I make the experience more positive and fun, which reinforces the idea that I am treating myself to an awesome healthful journey. This mindset allows me to become more mindful before I have even begun strengthening my digestive fire. This is why I turned my one-day Mungday Cleanse into a three-day health journey. I make sure that these three days are delicious, exciting and effective by eating meals that are easy to make and give my gut the break it deserves.

I do this by …

  • Cleansing from Sunday – Tuesday.
  • Not eating after 7pm – to give my digestive system sufficient time to rest.
  • I don’t snack (even though I’m all about the snack life) and instead drink herbal teas, kombucha and treat myself to some turmeric lattes (which I have on Sunday or Tuesday).
  • Not eating raw foods which can be harsh on my digestive system during a cleanse.
  • Eating whole fruit and vegetables that are steamed, stewed or roasted such as pears, peaches, apples, wilted greens, sweet potato, squash and carrots.
  • Getting everything I need on my cleanse ingredient checklist.
  • Prepping all my meals on a Sunday. By maximising my time in the kitchen, I am able to free up some more of my time over the next two days to relax or do some much needed yoga, check in with myself or shave my legs because hey, we all have our own ways of practicing self-care.

The three-day game plan

I love variety and keeping my meals exciting even when I’m anticipating a day of cleansing. This is why I put together a game plan which keeps my taste buds satisfied, my gut happy, and me, full of energy. I have an ingredient checklist and prep list, which I use when I cleanse to help me save time and money.