A Little bit of Everything


1. Check through your Kitchen Staples and tick off what you already have (and make sure its enough).

2. Do the shopping on Saturday or Sunday morning to  make the most of fresh produce from your local farmers markets.

3.ON SUNDAY – Prep for the week:

1. Prepare the Sweet Potato and Quinoa Burger patty mixture, shape and freeze.
2. Make the Basil Pesto – this requires a food processor.
3. Make the Charred Spring Onion and Pecan Sauce for Wednesday cauliflower steaks .
4. Roast a large tray of your favourite veggies – by doing this  you can build interesting creations for lunch. If you are bored with your regular roast try mixing it up by adding interesting spice mixes, herbs or toss in a pesto once roasted.
5. BAKE  – this week I suggest trying out a batch of Cinnamon Maca Carrot Muffins (This recipes ingredients are not included in your shopping list).